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Jolted Coffee, New Zealand's first specifically designed pod coffee blend, is designed for use in your reusable coffee pod.

We have been asked for a decaf coffee so we have worked with our roaster and tested a decaf blend that works with our pods.

After much sampling we are happy to say that we are launching a decaf coffee to sit along side our JOLTED caffeinated coffee.

If you are a 3-4 cup a day and like a great tasting coffee but want to have a few shots later in the day or in the evening that are still super tasty then go for our decaf blend. 

Alternatively your doctor might have given you an ultimatum that you have to ditch caffeine. We mourn with you on this one!

What ever your reason for drinking decaf, here is a blend that you can use in your reusable pods and get a yummy taste. It is a solid 7 out of 10. To be honest apart from a dark roast decaf we don't think you can get a stronger coffee than this with decaf coffee due to the lack of Robusta.

Whether you have Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly or any other reusable coffee pod; our decaf coffee produces a great tasting coffee you will enjoy, whether it is for that coffee hit first thing in the morning or your afternoon treat. Our coffee has a nice mouth feel, a great flavour, and is deliciously smooth.



  • Swiss Water Decaf - The Swiss Water process uses the elements of fresh water, temperature and time to extract the caffeine from the green coffee beans leaving it 99.9% decaffeinated. The best part about the Swiss Water process is that there are no chemicals used during this process, allowing the coffee beans to reflect their true flavours without the caffeine content.
  • 100% natural. We use no artificial additives or ingredients - just high quality coffee beans
  • Available in ground or whole beans so you can grind it fresh or simply open the bag of ground coffee and put it in your pod
  • Our packaging has a venting valve to release the gases generated by fresh ground coffee and beans
  • Our packaging is also home compostable, just remove the venting valve before composting 


  • 250g whole bean
  • 250g ground
  • 500g whole bean
  • 500g ground
  • 1kg whole bean
  • 1kg ground



    • Coffee roasters recommended to use your coffee in two to four weeks to produce the best results
    • Put your coffee into an air tight container, such as a Sistema, as soon as you have opened it to ensure freshness

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